Thursday, 28 May 2009

Summer Gardening

Now the planting rush is over, I'm settling into the routine of summer gardening.  This consists mainly of weeding and cutting the grass.  Here's my trusty strimmer, with a battery which takes a couple of hours to charge.  Best thing I ever bought.  
Then there's the construction of my Heath Robinson contraptions.  These appear around fruit trees/bushes periodically over the summer.  This one is holding up the branches of the redcurrants.  The fruit bed is on a lower level, and as the fruit swells the branches droop against the upper level.  This means I can't cut the grass underneath them and the slugs have a feast.  So I make a frame and use jute string to hold the branches clear of the ground.  Cheap, effective but not pretty!
A chive flower - Brits of a certain age may remember the children's programme the Herb Garden.  For some reason, this plant makes me think of that programme!  I love chives in potato salad, so have a pot growing by the back door.
The early raspberries are flowering really well now.  These are from the plants I moved in the winter (see this post) so they are doing very well.  The strawberries have already set a lot of fruit too.
White hawthorn bushes and yellow broom flowering in a sheltered old railway cutting.
Finally, a scenic view of sheep and hills.
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