Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A Rainy Day

It's been raining most of the day, a fine rain which is good for the vegetables.  Here are some pictures I took yesterday.  Above is geranium Russell Pritchard - it's a small geranium, does well in sun.  This one is in my Mum's garden, but it originally came from mine.  Unfortunately the year after I transplanted a piece, my plant died so I'm planning to take a bit back this year.  Only a few flowers yet, but it is one of my favourite geraniums, a deep pink.

As I was wandering along the flower border yesterday I notice a bee paying close attention to the cornflowers, so I decided to try to catch him in the act.  Very hard - every time the camera got him in focus he flew off to the next flower.  I did catch him eventually, though slightly out of focus I'm afraid!

Pale pink aquilegia, several of these are flowering now.

Finally, the promise of things to come - buds on my shrub rose.  It's the first rose to flower, usually at the end of May.  I have no idea what variety this rose is, it has been here for decades in varying states of growth or decay.  It suffers with an orange fungus most summers, and a few years ago died back quite a bit after a very hot spell - I clearly didn't water it enough.  So I cut it back fairly brutally, and lavished a bit more attention on it.  This year it has had a good dollop of horse manure, some plant food and some chimney soot to try to ward off the fungus.  So far, so good, it's looking vigorous and healthy.  
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