Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Pink Snow

Before the weather turned, I managed to get out in the sunshine.    For over a week now we have had unusually windy weather, extremely gusty especially out here in the foothills of the Pennines.  This morning the postmistress told me that the postmen, by reason of the lovely sunshine, had turned up wearing short sleeved shirts (no shorts yet though!) because it was really warm in the town where the sorting office is, with little wind.  They put their jackets back on sharpish!

So that's my excuse for this slightly out of focus photo - even with ISO 200 I found it very difficult to (a) keep my camera still and (b) get a picture which wasn't too blurry as the plants were being blasted back and forth.  You can choose whether you believe this explanation or the alternative, perhaps more likely, that I'm just crap with a camera.

These are my pink geraniums.  Sorry about the blurriness.

The wind has also blasted the last of cherry blossom off the trees.  It swirls around exactly like snow, caught by the wind and shaped into flurries.  The wind gradually creates little drifts of petals which settle in quiet corners.

Over for another year, but beautiful while they lasted.
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