Saturday, 23 May 2009

More weeding

Forget-me-not - a lovely "weed" which spreads itself about.  I have some growing among my strawberries and don't have the heart to take them out!
These are my brassicas and leeks.  Left to right: leeks, sprouts, cabbage golden acre, purple sprouting broccoli and cabbage minicole.  Lots of weeds among them of course.  I always start these off outdoors, ideally in the bed where they will be transplanted.  I cover them up to get them started, but after that the only protection they get is some slug pellets until they are past the vulnerable stage.  The cabbages are small ones as if I grow big ones, I end up eating the same vegetable for 2 or 3 days and that's really tedious.  These are all doing well, starting to put out their first true leaves now.  I sowed them before I had finished eating last year's leeks and broccoli!

Today was all about weeding, lots of it.  Boring and hard work, but that's what being a gardener is about at times.  I took the cloches off the tomatoes and courgettes today as the weather is getting warmer.  I like the tomatoes to get bashed about a bit by the wind as it makes them grow stronger stems.  I have a couple of tomatoes which may not make it, have been attacked by slugs, but the others are all doing well and putting out new leaves.  Of course the thing about weeding beds is you sometimes find things you've missed, so today's haul of edibles included 3 small leeks, and a small chard plant.  Lots of lettuce as usual and some rhubarb too.

A hawthorn tree in full bloom.  These are most often used in hedging, but when they are, often flower very little.  Neglected hedges are full of flowers, in the straggly shape you see above.  They seed themselves easily as the birds eat the berries in the autumn and drop the seeds all over, so nearby we have a regenerating woodland full of bird-sown hawthorns.  They are pretty in the spring and in the autumn, when covered in bright red berries (also used in herbal medicine).
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