Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Mission Accomplished

The six weeks from Mid April to the end of May are the hardest in the vegetable garden.  There is soil preparation to be done, seeds to be sown and lots of digging.  It was harder this year as the snow in early December followed by much frost prevented me finishing the autumn digging.  Late snow and frost also prevented an early start in spring, so it's been a bit of a rush.

But today I finished the planting, with the last cut flowers going in (Helichryum and Cosmos), and the first flower has opened on the broad beans (above).  There is still transplanting and some seed sowing to be done for herbs, but the rush is over and while there will be weeding and grass cutting, I can turn my mind to larger projects such as path building and clearing of derelict ground.
I earthed the potatoes up for the last time today, as well.  Another feed went in, to be watered in by the rain tomorrow.  The plants look healthy and are growing about 2 inches a day, by the looks of it.
Lots of strawberry flowers too, this is a small corner of the bed, with the toe of my welly at the bottom.  We should be eating the first strawberries in about 4 weeks.

So now I can ease up and enjoy the garden a bit more!

I took the longer route to the post office today, to see what birds and plants are around.  This is a close-up of a broom flower.  I had never noticed before how curly the stamens are, quite impressive.
This plant is growing at the edge of a field all by itself, but there are quite a number of these plants around here, increasing by the year.  Such a lovely colour on a dull morning.
This is Bistort, which grows in large clumps in the damp spots around here, which, being in the bottom of a river valley, means it grows almost everywhere.  This clump is on the embankment above a disused railway station (closed under Beeching in the 60s), you can just see the edge of the platform in the top right corner.
It is sometimes called the "toothbrush plant" - you can see why!  Click on the photo to see close-ups of an ant and a beetle!
Finally, a close-up of comfrey flowers, a deep pink in bud.  There are several plants, mostly on the edge of fields around here.  I always think it's a shame the flowers open sequentially instead of all at once, but maybe that's the charm of it.

Rain is due tomorrow, but I hope to have a photo or two - see you then!

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