Saturday, 9 May 2009

A gap in the weather...

So the forecast for today was fine this morning, rain this afternoon.  It was time to get moving...

First, I got the tomatoes in.  They have been growing on my windowsills in the house for the past few weeks, but the roots were starting to grown through their coir pots and they really needed more soil.  I prepared the ground last week and warmed up the soil with a cloche so I got them in quickly while the sun was out and could warm up the cloche after planting.  Here they are before I tucked them in their cosy cloche.  I took this picture before finishing the weeding, that's my excuse!

Next I tied the peas to the netting, as they were refusing to climb it!  Some weeding followed, as the runner beans will need to go in the bed next week.  Here is a picture of the peas (foreground) - a tall variety called Alderman which does well for me - some spinach can be seen on the left, behind the peas are the broad beans which are already putting out the buds of first flowers, behind them you can see the lettuce cloche and the tomato cloche is visible at the back. 
Behind the tomato cloche are the apple trees, now flowering well.  I have a Katy (very early apple, designed for northern climates, a Worcester Pearmain (still early but later than Katy) and a Blenheim Orange which is an October eater/cooker.  This year is the first time the Blenheim Orange has flowered, here it is (the pink thing at the bottom is my thumb holding the bloom steady!)

The apples are at the top of the slope, next to the wall.  Along the bottom of the wall are a number of ferns.  Some people might want to take them out, but I think they are pretty.  There are more of them than there used to be, probably because of the wet summers lately.  Here's one.

Between the apples I planted some chamomile seed today - I like chamomile tea and it is easy to grow.  I also planted some Nigella (cornflower) - Miss Jekyll which is a great cut flower.

Loads of weeding today, my back is certainly aching.  It was all very necessary, as there is a lot to do in the next few weeks.  I have a lot of plants growing in the shed, from left to right - cosmos (flower), helichrysum (flower for drying), pumpkin, cucumber, courgette, runner bean.  The weeds and the grass are growing so fast at the moment I really want to get on top of them now, so I hope to be out again tomorrow.

Here's my haul for today - the last of the leeks and some rhubarb.  I have just put some homemade bread in the oven, am off to make leek and potato soup...  

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