Monday, 4 May 2009

First Salad of 2009

The weather here has been a bit on and off here, with showers and sunny spells, still a bit cold.  This has made it difficult to do much outside, but I have managed to pick my first salad leaves of the year:
lettuce salad bowl (red and green varieties), sorrel and rocket.  

Very tasty - the only lettuce I eat now is my own as shop-bought lettuce is often drowned in chemicals and tasteless.  So I only eat lettuce from now to about July, when it becomes impossible to defend it against the slugs.

The peas and broad beans are now ready to burst through their cloches, so I have opened the ends to harden the plants off before I remove the covers later this week.  The apple trees are starting to flower and the potatoes are growing well.

I still had some gooseberries left over from last year in the freezer, so decided to finish them off by making jam with them and some rhubarb - it tasted good when I bottled it, it is now added to my collection of jam and marmalade in the dresser!

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