Sunday, 17 May 2009

Everything's growing

It was sunny and calm early this morning, so I got out before the rain moved in, managed to catch this picture of bluebells in the sunshine.

The strawberries are starting to flower now - I have several varieties to ensure I get fruit over a long period, so they don't all flower at once.  A few fruits are already set.

Continuing the fruit theme, the early fruits are starting to swell already - the gooseberries above and the redcurrants below.
On the vegetables front, I had a lot of weeding today as the weeds are shooting up, best to keep on top of it.  Today I took out the purple sprouting broccoli plants (below), weeded the ground, added some compost before sowing some more beetroot and parsnip.  The first beetroot sowing is just germinating now, no sign of the parsnips yet.
At the edge of the same bed is the garlic.  I know that garlic prefers some serious cold to get it started in the year, so I like to get it in the ground in January.  This winter the soil was frozen most of the time from early December, but I managed to get it planted in a window between snow falls in January.  I must say the growth so far is the best I've ever had for this time of year:

Finally, here is Herb Robert, a wild flower that grows mostly on verges by paths and roads.

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