Saturday, 16 May 2009

A Day Out

My Other Half (OH) and myself had a day out today, at Hardcastle Crags near Hebden Bridge.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera and so there are no pictures.  Suffice it to say there were lots of bluebells, wild garlic, trees and dappled sunshine (see my post of May 11th for examples).  A lovely walk in beautiful surroundings, the rain only arriving at the very end.

We also saw a rare species which seems to have emerged from hibernation - the Historical Re-enactor.  We caught a glimpse of a kilted man with a blue face and as we drew near, realised there was a growing group of kilted and non-kilted people with various things daubed on their faces and carrying wooden weapons.

Now, I could be wrong but I cannot for the life of me recall a major battle with the Scots in the leafy surroundings of West Yorkshire, so I was bemused by the scene.  The last word on this must go to OH.  Surveying the frankly improbable scene of be-kilted and mud-smeared warriors lurking around a glade in a remote Pennine valley, he said "It's just like Midsomer Murders."

Today was my birthday.  I reflected on the last couple of years and all their events.  Eighteen months ago I had never read a blog, never mind thought of writing one.  Two years ago around my birthday I was in a London office overlooking the gleaming white stone of St Paul's Cathedral and had no idea that by the end of that year I would have given up my well paid job to become self-employed.  My quality of life is infinitely better as a result, even if my bank balance is rather worse.

So, what will the next year bring?  I have no idea, but am sure it will be full of surprises.

The picture at the top is a cornflower, at the bottom an allium.  Normal gardening resumes tomorrow, weather permitting.  

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