Monday, 25 May 2009

Cow Parsley and Vegetables

Cow parsley - a pretty, airy umbellifer in full flower at this time of year.
The camera really struggled to focus on the tiny flowerlets that make up each flower head.

Today it was back to the vegetables.  At this time of year it's light from 4 am to 10 at night, and the days are still lengthening, so the plants are growing like crazy now.   One day's growth is very visible, especially after yesterday's wall to wall sunshine.  So this week I need to get the last plants in to make the most of the light.  The little plant above is a cucumber, Crystal Apple, which is a globe cucumber.  I first grew it last year, but it's slower to get going than pumpkins and courgettes, and I started too late.  Add to that last year's appalling weather and the plants produced nothing.  I learned from that, and today planted six cucumbers out, will put some stakes in for them to climb later.
Spinach - a week ago it was tiny, in a few days I will be able to pick the first crop.  This is perpetual spinach, I gave up on other varieties as they constantly bolted, no matter what I did.  Looks like a good decision!

This is a view of the peas/beans bed.  The broad beans are in the centre, you can just see some of the peas climbing the net.  The wigwam at the end is one of the runner bean groups.  The peas are finally streaking up the netting, the runner beans have settled in well except for one plant which has died, and the broad beans will flower this week.

Lots more weeding today - the brassica bed is finished and almost ready for when I move the seedlings in.  I got the grass and dandelions out of the strawberry bed, which is now full of flowers, and the early raspberries are just opening their flowers.  The tomatoes and courgettes are enjoying the warm sunny weather and more seedlings are popping their heads up.  

A very pleasant gardening day in the sunshine.
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