Monday, 11 May 2009

Bluebells and other spring goodies...

The weather is sunny, and I decided that today was the day to go to the bluebell wood.  So after dropping all my parcels at the post office, I set out on the long way home (on foot, of course).  All the photos that follow are of wild plants I saw on my way (about 3 miles round trip).

Lilacs - there are a number of these scattered about, mostly growing wild.  This one is opposite my house (you can just see a bit of my house in the background).

Avenue of trees - now this is quintessentially English, isn't it?  I love this little walk - most likely over 100 years old, this avenue contains a mix of beech, horse chestnut and sycamore trees.
Bluebells - devilishly tricky to photograph due to the dappled light, this is a close-up of one small clump in a wood full of them.  The smell is heavenly, you can smell them before you see them.
This is the best shot I managed of a group of bluebells - you can just see the path winding through them on the left.  I try to go down here each year, though it does involve some peril - the only ways in and out involve scrambling down or up a 45 degree slope covered in aggregate from the old railway line - well worth the effort though!

Pink purslane - there's a lost of this all along the riverbank, in both pink and white variations.  This is not an british species - it's from North America.  It (and a few other species) were brought in during the 19th century. Not quite sure how it arrived, but it naturalised along the river banks.

Wild garlic - just starting to flower in places, this plant has a most distinctive scent.  It grows in shade in damp places and is beautiful to see when it is in large colonies.

Lawn daisies - common, I know, but pretty and a sign that summer is on the way.

Finally, speedwell - a stunningly beautiful but very, very tiny flower.

It was a lovely walk, hope to have more photos tomorrow.
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