Thursday, 14 May 2009

Between rainshowers

We had a bright break in the gloom around the middle of the day, so I was able to get out for my daily walk to the post office and also to check on the veggies.  The rain's closing in again, unfortunately.

First, the vegetables.  The runner beans I planted a couple of days ago have settled in well, mercifully undamaged by slugs.
And yes, I can see the weeds too - another job to do but not top of the list!

The potatoes are growing very well, here's a picture of some of them before I earthed them up again.  I'm optimistic that I will have another bumper crop again.
And the peas are finally climbing the netting - hooray!

On my walk today I discovered this plant - have never noticed it before but it must have been there for years.  It's a shrub, currently covered in beautiful golden flowers - no idea what it is.
Then there's another unknown - not a native, I think.  There are a few of these large shrubs in a small area so presumably they made themselves at home after arriving from elsewhere.
There's a saying "Ne'er cast a clout till May be out" - roughly translated as "don't remove your winter woollies/underwear until the Hawthorn blooms".  It's a good guide to the turn of the seasons and the coming of warmer weather.  Well, some trees are now blooming:
I'm not going to tell you if I have laid aside my stout winter underwear yet, but I hope to post a picture of hawthorns in full bloom  in due course - they are the most common hedging plant around and are quite spectacular.

Finally, here's a scenic one.  In my vegetable plot, buttercups are a fell enemy to be beaten at all costs.  But in a field, they are quite different (the white flowers are may flowers).
Happy gardening.

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