Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sunshine so lots to do...

The weather has turned nice again, so I have taken the opportunity to get out and garden. These white daffodils are just blooming now, rather pretty I think.

In the vegetable garden, I have been busy weeding the jerusalem artichokes, the rhubarb and the two herb beds over the last few days.  All done now, so everything is now well in hand and I can afford to relax a bit on the vegetable front.  The peas and broad beans are germinating, just waiting for the potatoes to put their heads up now.

This morning I decided to pot up the plants I bought earlier in the week.  I have done several small tubs of busy lizzies and lobelia - they will be flowering by the time the daffodils and primroses have finished.  In the process I removed a small "bed" which consisted of a circle of stones with a soil infill.  It has been empty of plants for some time, but when I took it apart, I found a toad:

He has been living here for some time - I thought I had lost him last year as I didn't see him for months but I am happy to have him back as he keeps the slug population down.  So I built a new little house for him in a pile of stones, with a soil infill and popped him in there.  There is another bed he can use for sleeping, and it's not the first time I have disturbed him, so he should be fine.

Talking of slugs and snails, this year I am trying out copper tape to prevent snail damage.  I have a big hosta in a pot (putting it in the ground would be tantamount to murder) but every year it gets stripped by the slugs and snails.  So I thought I would try to prevent it with this tape which is backed by adhesive and has pointy ends.  Easy to apply, I'll see how it goes.
And finally another picture of daffodils, you can just see the shoots of a peony in the background.

Enjoy the holiday!
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