Monday, 6 April 2009

First garden shopping of the year

Today's bloom is a lovely narcissus, with a wonderful scent.  I have two pots of them, one by the back door and one by the front door so whichever I choose, I can smell them.  Heavenly!  

Yesterday I persuaded my other half to give me a hand with some heavy work.  Actually, I suggested to him that if he wanted to continue eating the fruit and veg that I grow, he really had to help out.  He's not a gardener, you see.  So he moved a load of bricks and stone donated by my neighbour who had a wood stove installed in his chimney in the winter, generating lots of
useful left overs for me.  I laid some of the path, will do some more later in the week.  After an hour of that (as much as he could stand), we went out for a walk in a deserted valley nearby - I wish I had taken my camera because there were lots of very young and wobbly lambs about!   

So today I had to go get some compost as I need to be starting lots of tender plants indoors now, and had run out.  As I needed some cat food too, I called at the garden centre of the DIY store next to the pet store - not somewhere I usually shop for garden things, to be honest.

I've started to think about plants for the pots around the house in summer.  The difficulty here is the slugs and snails - whatever I get has to be resistant because we have them in plague proportions.  Every week in summer I carefully pick off the snails and take them over to the wild shrubby area nearby (they can't get back from there), yet next week I find more!  So when I saw two plants I know grow well by the house, I just had to get them - Busy Lizzie and Lobelia. Small plants, to grow on and make up into pots - they will be pretty and flower for a good long time.

So I wandered round the other plants and saw a patio rose which is alleged to flower most of summer and can stay in a pot.  It will have small yellow flowers, so I got this too.  I love roses, but the micro climate here makes it difficult to keep them healthy.  They either get drowned by the rain, or killed by the heat radiating from the stone the houses are built in, which holds its heat for hours after the sun has gone.  So I picked a plant which looked vigorous.

Here they are, busy lizzie left, lobelia top right and rose bottom.  My first garden shopping trip of the year, surely not the last!

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