Saturday, 4 April 2009

April Showers

I was desperate to finish weeding the strawberry bed today, as the weather is deteriorating into typical april showers, with colder winds for the next week.  I also really, really hate leaving a job unfinished!

So this morning I braved the weather - got rained on a couple of times - to get the last of the weeds out of the strawberries and complete the feeding/mulching.  Mission accomplished!  I took a picture but it turned out to be out of focus.  But once you've seen one strawberry plant, you've seen them all.

Here's another slightly out of focus picture (sorry!) - gooseberries just starting flowering.  They are tiny flowers, almost invisible except to the tiny insects that pollinate them.  If you look very carefully there is one fully open flower on the left.  Note the large thorns that will cause me a great deal of pain later in the year...

Finally, here's a picture of the purple sprouting broccoli which is the mainstay vegetable for this time of year.  It's not easy to buy retail and when you do find it, it often doesn't taste very nice as it is picked too early, so growing your own is the only option.  As you can see, with only a few plants there will be enough to eat 2 or 3 times a week for the next few weeks.  Yum!
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