Sunday, 29 March 2009

Broccoli and frost

Today I harvested the first purple sprouting broccoli of the year - only a small amount, but there's lots more to come!

As predicted, the weather last week was appalling - windy, cold and wet with hail.  I didn't have the courage to get out there.  And I didn't spot that the wind had blown the cover of the lettuce plants.  So by the time I got to it, the weather had done for some of the plants.  C'est la vie - I did plant loads in the expectation I would lose some, and I do have lots of seed left.  So in the next couple of weeks I'll infill the gaps.

One of the broccoli plants was also blown over - I've never seen that before, so it must have been extremely windy.  I've propped it back up with a cane and some string, it should be fine.

Anyway, my resolution for this gardening year is to record absolutely everything I harvest, so I can identify the retail value of the crops I grow.  It should be interesting adding it all up by the end of the year.
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