Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Cat Compost

It's been several days since I did any more heavy work as my back protested after last week's efforts!

So today I got back to it.  I finished the relocation of the second group of raspberries and tidied up the area:
The raspberries are on the left - most of them were previously at the top of the slope, clustered around the cat compost bin (the brown stuff you can see around the plants).  Cat compost (my name for it) is not, fortunately made from cats but from their byproducts - need I say more?  I use cat litter which is made of pelleted sawdust, environmentally friendly and compostable.  I put it in a compost bin for a year or so (at back of picture), get it nice and wet and let the worms get to work on it.  It turns into a really good soil conditioner and has helped my vegetables no end.  Since my cats cost me a lot of money in food, litter and veterinary bills, I like to think this is how they pay their way!

I wasn't sure about how good this stuff would be when I started but these raspberries proved it.  I inherited them rather than planted them and they produced almost nothing, I was going to replace them eventually but didn't get around to it for a few years.  After I placed a cat compost bin at the top of the slope one year and left the top off too long, the nutrients leached into the soil and the raspberries started to revive.  More than revive, they produced fabulous fruit on a diet of absolute neglect and cat compost!  So it must be good stuff, now I use it everywhere.

I've started the lettuce in a propagator in the house, they're doing well.

This is where they are going to go eventually - under this cloche which is now warming the prepared soil.

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