Saturday, 17 January 2009

Garlic and Woodwork

Today is the last day forecast to be without rain/snow for over a week, so some jobs just had to be done.

First I had to finish a job which a workman left unfinished last year.  I needed new sides to a bed, to hold back the soil as it is on a slope.  The workman I hired last year to do that and some other work for me didn't finish at one end.  The reason?  The gooseberry bush next to it was prickly.  Poor baby...

So I, clearly more brave in the matter of physical discomfort than a man who does manual work for a living, decided to set to and finish it.  Taking my Mum along to the DIY store so we could get pensioner discount, I got a long plank, cut it up and nailed it in place. 

 Here it is.  It's lower than the other bits, but they were too high anyway so that doesn't matter.  Of course, doing anything close to the gooseberry bushes always involves some kind of pain (see my posts in July 2008), and true to form at one point I slipped, got both feet stuck under the small gap at the bottom of the wooden planks, got my curly hair stuck in the gooseberry and couldn't move.  Putting down the hammer and using a post for leverage, I managed to extricate one foot and then the next, while keeping my head still to avoid losing too much hair.  All ended well.  I did some backfilling of the gaps, still a bit to do and then I can put the onions in the bed.

So the other job was planting the garlic.  I left this to Mum while I got on with the carpentry.  
Here she is.  I've been wanting to get this in for weeks, but as winter arrived early, the ground has been frozen for weeks on end.  Job done.

I just noticed that I have swapped over the beds for the garlic and onions according to the plan in an earlier post.  The onions will now be in the semicircular one, the garlic is at the edges of the large bed above it.
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