Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Anarchic Raspberries

Today was a sunny day, and got quite warm - about 9C in the sunshine, so I managed to get out to do some gardening.  The sun goes down early now, and was already sinking behind the houses when I got out soon after 1pm.
Today's task was to deal with the raspberries.  They've been moving out of their allotted space for a couple of years now, and are taking over a vegetable plot which I will need next year, so they had to move.  It's also easy at this time of year to see the difference between the summer and autumn fruiting varieties, so I can get them in the right place.

Here is a "before" picture of the raspberries - note the anarchic ones which have moved out of the row - up to 2 metres.

And now they are all back in place again, I have regained 2 metres of growing space for my beans and peas next year.  I have another batch of raspberries to move, elsewhere, and then I need to prune and manure all of them.
Finally, a picture of my shed to show how tidy it is!
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