Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Rain and more rain

Since my last post I have hardly got outside the door, due to the frequent and heavy rain here.  I have managed to pick some peas and beans, and harvested the first beetroots - I took a few out to leave more room for others.  Some weeding was accomplished, but it was disappointing to find some of the parsnips had died, presumably due to the excessive wet.

The strawberries have now finished, with over 13 pounds of fruit, which is a record.  I moved the plants last year, added a few new ones this spring and it seems to have paid off.  The cabbages, sprouts and broccoli are all growing well, and the first runner beans have set, so things are going well in the vegetable garden.

I have a backlog of pruning, weeding and tidying jobs to do, hopefully the rain will diminish this weekend and the weather will improve.  
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