Sunday, 3 August 2008

Harvest Time

At this time of the year the vegetable harvest is in full swing, so other work tends to take a back seat.  There's only one job physically harder than planting potatoes, and that's digging them up again.  As I type, the dull ache of well-used back muscles reminds me of this fact.

The second early potatoes produced a good crop, though with some slug and wireworm damage.  It looks like some slugs laid their eggs in the top row of potatoes, so there were lots of little holes in some potatoes.  Recent rainy weather washing away slug pellets (environmentally friendly ones) also resulted in the loss of a few small lettuces and flowers.  Still, the courgettes and pumpkins are coming on well.  All the tomatoes have been flowering this week, so that's good news.

While the first crop of broad beans is now done, the peas are in full swing and will be for another week or so.  Lots of weeding to do now, including reclaiming some "lost" ground where a full digging out is required.  The only big job left is to plant the leeks in the ground formerly occupied by potatoes - I think I'll leave that a week, or my back really will be protesting!
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