Saturday, 19 July 2008

Yet another rainy day...

"New Dawn" rose - a very pretty rambler. Perfect for a wet English summer!

It hasn't stopped raining in three days, but the plants keep growing. Finally, I could put off picking the strawberries no longer, so ventured out in a waterproof jacket.

I picked fruit in the rain, must be bonkers.
Another pound of strawberries to add to my haul - ten pounds so far this year!

I also managed to pick some peas, was going to dig up some more potatoes but it was too wet so I will leave that until tomorrow when the weather should - SHOULD - be better. That's according to the weather forecast, but they've got it wrong several times this week, so who knows?

Here's a picture of peas in the rain - for anyone interested, this is an old, tall (1 metre plus) variety called Alderman. I gave up on the modern, short varieties a couple of years ago as they only produce one crop (they are designed for farmers really) and the slugs eat most of those, since they are so close to the ground. These pea pods are huge, so well worth growing.

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