Sunday, 20 July 2008

Gooseberry Day!

The rain finally stopped, the sun came peeking through the clouds and I decided it was time to pick the gooseberries.  Armed with a long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt to protect myself against the thorns, I approached the bush with due caution and began to pick.

I should have worn a hat.  My hair got caught in the bush - my curly hair.  For those who don't have curly hair, let me spell it out for you:  curly hair + thorny bush = human/plant velcro.  I was stuck, head fixed inside the bush, rear end sticking out.  After about 30 seconds of wriggling I escaped, with only a minor scalp laceration to show for it.  Oh, and I left some hair in the bush.  It can keep it.

So I now have several pounds of gooseberries, scratched head, hands and arms and a little less hair than when I started the day.

I turned next to the whitecurrants - a less aggressive bush, from which I got three pounds of fruit.  They are probably the most pretty fruit, with transluscent skin through which you can see the brown seeds.  I have struggled to get this bush to fruit well, but it looks like I've got the pruning right at last, because three pounds is a good crop (for me).

Finally, I dug up the remainder of the first early potatoes - Pentland Javelin and got half a sack full.  These are slug resistant, which is essential in the wet and windy north of England and they have done well this year.  

A good morning's work!
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