Thursday, 12 November 2015

November Flowers

A rare sight - my New Dawn rose has some flowers in November.  And my Christmas cactus is flowering early. What a topsy turvey year we have had!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Arley Hall Revisited (Again)

 Mum was determined to visit Arley Hall gardens in the autumn, to see them in a third season and hopefully see the change in tree colour.  However, due to the microclimate and the types of trees, they really weren't as colourful as expected. There are a few acers though, of which this was the most spectacular.
 A rather lovely long row of cyclamens by a path, a really good idea to put them in this kind of position I think.
 There were lots of roses still flowering, including lots of these white ones.  Roses have done well this year, one of mine has some more buds on.
 The long border is still spectacular and it just shows how you can have a border with lots of flowers through 6 months with careful planting.  Rudbeckias, michaelmas daisies and dahlias are the main stars here among other.  The topiary was receiving its final trim of the year while we were here, the gardener had already done the right side of this photo and was working back up the walk, starting at the bottom end on the left.  Quite a job.
Another view showing the mass of daisies in particular.  Also remarkable is this grass - during the season it hosts thousands of feet tramping up and down but even at the very end of the garden year it looks lush and green.  If you look to the right of the picture you can see some rather shaggy topiary, and compare it to its twin on the left!

If you are in the area I would recommend a visit to these gardens whatever the season.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Autumn produce

Chatting with others on the allotments, we are all agreed that (a) everything is a month late and (b) the last few warm weeks have turned a poor year into a decent one. My tomatoes are only just turning, we have just started picking runner beans and the courgettes are still producing in early October.  I have only finished digging my potatoes this week, over a month late. In the photo you can see the last two mini cucumbers. A strange year but unexpectedly productive.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Autumn Crocus

I forget I have these until September each year when they appear as if from nowhere. This year I must repost them after flowering as they have multiplied.  They require no attention or special treatment, completely reliable.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Katy Apples

I picked the Katy Apples today, later than normal.  Everything is late this year, but strangely the Worcester Pearmain Apples were ready before them and picked last week. Some of the Katy apples were reluctant to leave the tree, needing a little encouragement.

Normally you know an apple is ready when you lift it by 90 degrees and the stalk detaches from the tree. But this year they have been hanging on, even though the fruits are fully ripe.  But with increasing fallers, I had to pick them. Strangely, some apples have stalks where the inside was dry and detaching but the outer surface was still live, so they stayed attached until a gust of wind came along. Never seen that before.  But a good crop, half a sack full of lovely red fruit.